Seek Lavender Spring – Part One

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Farm Life

Here’s whats happening with some of our lavender this spring. These babies were propagated from our fully grown plants. All of our plants (except for the first 100) are propagate by us…why you ask….because we love the whole process. We love knowing where the plants came from and how they have been cared for. Kind of like a one owner car.

The stems are just starting to poke through on Seek Lavender’s mature plants. It looks to be a hearty harvest this June. We keep a weather log – daily reporting the high and low temps, precipitation, wind and all noteworthy happenings that impact our lavenders. So, the review, of this past winter, results with a score of generally mild and little plant damage/loss. Such a blessing!

Today – crazy wind..but warm and sunny. Two out of three’s not bad!

Lavender Love –

Neil & Mary