Seek Lavender Spring – Part 7

by | May 18, 2020 | Farm Life

As a follow up to Part Two, we present a little tale titled, ‘Kassel’s Berries’. One of our two dogs is almost three years old. He is an upland bird hunter (quail, pheasant, dove) and keeps Seek Lavender free of all rodent life and is continually on the lookout for treats of all kinds. As we mentioned in Seek Lavender Spring – Part Two, we have a strawberry patch. Kassel has not only discovered this ‘patch’ but finds great delight in its offerings. Included in his routine patrol this spring is a stop at this green and red patch. Kassel sniffs over the unripe, green berries which hold no interest for him. When Kassel smells the sweetness of a ripe strawberry he plucks it off the vine without any disruption to the plant. If we didn’t see him do this, we would never know Kassel was the the cause of our missing ripe berries! We wanted to share a picture of a berry poking out of this dear dog’s mouth as it is one sweet sight. As you would expect, he is too fast for us!

Lavender Love,

-Neil & Mary