Seek Lavender Farm Store – May 16, 2020

by | May 15, 2020 | Farm Life

We are very excited about this week’s farm store (15528 Bradford Rd; Culpeper, VA) and hope you will stop by for a fresh muffin made with Seek Lavender. Other ingredients include eggs from a Culpeper egg farmer and yogurt we make here at Seek Lavender.

Ideas for how you can use our dried lavender bundles will be on display.

Seek Lavender Farm Store features:

– Personal care products; soap, lotion, salts & scrubs with Seek Lavender Essential Oil

-Home care products; chemical-free, natural, lavender home care (laundry soap, all-purpose cleaner, dryer balls, carpet freshener)

-Culinary station; lavender cookbook, lavender tea, dried culinary lavender, extract kit….and …muffins!

Herbs, dry bundles,sachets, essential oil, hydrosol….oh my!