Gourd Day at Seek Lavender

by | Oct 14, 2020 | Farm Life

We love making unique gifts with Mother Nature. Gourds are so intriguing. Have you noticed the many Gourd Facebook Groups? Gourds take a bit of patience and encouragement to go from farm to unique gift…but oh such a delight. They have to stay on the vine until the growing season is over. The vine shows the time is right by shriveling up. At that point, of to dry they go. For Seek Lavender that means at least nine months in isolation. Once fully dried…they much be cleaned, inside and out. Then the gourd is all ours to play with. For our October 24th Farm Store, we will have gourd vases filled with dried lavender stems and gourd bowls filled with Seek Lavender Pot Pourri (all flowers grown and dried on our farm)…so sweet and pretty.

Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous October 2020!

Lavender Love,

-Neil & Mary