Be your own healer as well as the one being healed!

by | Jul 13, 2023 | Comfort & Soothe, Farm Life, Skin and Hair Health

Happy July!

If your skin or hair are in need of some serious hydration during these hot summer days, you may want to consider Seek Lavender’s hydrosols and Seek Lavender’s hydrosol based skin care products. Hydrosol is also known as herbal waters and essential waters. Our lavender, mint, lemon balm, and eucalyptus hydrosols are products of steam distillation (along with essential oil) and summer essentials! They are natural bug repellents, ph balancers, and filled with anti-bacterial/fungal/inflammatory goodness. Spraying hydrosol on our skin and hair offers immediate hydration. Who doesn’t need that this time of year! We use our lavender hydrosol as the base in our skin care products (in place of water or alcohol) creating nourishing, soothing, healing self-care. Be your own healer as well as the one being healed!

Seek Lavender’s mission is to help you create your own nature inspired life through our herbal skin care, comfort, and culinary products.

Wishing you the making of peaceful summer memories!

Lavender Love,

Neil & Mary